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5 bons côtés de la vie en VR

5 good reasons to live in your RV

We are the Doyle-Désy, a family who decided to leave everything to live on the road. Since June 2016, we have been living and discovering the world aboard our house on wheels.

The constraints are numerous when living in a recreational vehicle but, fortunately, the positives far outnumbers the negatives. They sometimes make our nomadic life feel truly exceptional.

Here is what we like about coexisting at four in just over 100 square feet, squeezed against each other like canned sardines.

Quick and no longer dirty, the cleaning

My chore is the housework? With pleasure! Less than 15 minutes to sweep AND wash the floor.  A micro bathroom to scrub, two small bins to empty, six windows to clean.

The longest task: dusting horizontal blinds, outdoor maintenance and the cleaning of the mosquito nets.  The more laborious tasks above don’t need to be done often and are usually done on a sunny day, which makes the task more enjoyable.

Less is more

Do you know in detail the contents of your cabinets? I am proud to say that, with the exception of our toy storage, I know the contents of our thirteen cabinets and five drawers down to the smallest detail!

Life is simpler without clutter; each object has been chosen, its presence, deserved, and they are accessible relatively easily.  If a new item enters the house, another must go out. It is a fiercely applied policy.

Eat well

For us, cooking is a pleasure. We enjoy visiting restaurants and discovering local cuisine. However the biggest luxury is traveling and being able to cook dishes whenever and wherever our heart desires.  With a few tweaks, the majority of the recipes can be adapted for local ingredients and our equipment. Eating well is good for both our health and our wallet.

Original sleeping arrangements

Camping directly on a beach or in the desert, how about in the mountains or in town. All of this is possible while staying in the comfort of our home. This is one of the most positive aspects of our nomadic life.  The autonomy of our vehicle allows us to discover new places, which would not be accessible otherwise.

Once, for a few dollars, we were able to sleep in the city but close to the beach, right next to a five-star hotel.


The strongest argument of all, the freedom to move. We have traveled by bike, by backpack, by plane, slept in a tent, at the hotel, in rented accommodation… The most comfortable and pleasant for us is to travel in our RV with all our possessions.  Impossible to forget an item at home since it comes with us! Hard to be caught by the temperature, all the clothes we need are with us!  In addition, if the weather, a neighbor or a place doesn’t please us, the option of driving to another destination is always an option.

For those who enjoy traveling without losing their bearings, life in RV is a great opportunity to satisfy your need for a change of scenery.  It is possible to go on an adventure during the day and return at the end of a day to our familiar and relaxing bubble, as small as it is.

The Doyle-Désy,
nomadic ambassadors for Leclerc

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