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A bit of history

Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services was founded in 1953 by the initiative of 21-year-old Jean-Claude Leclerc, who began operations in the basement of the family home.

Despite his difficult beginnings, Jean-Claude’s determination and business acumen quickly contributed to the development of the company, which in the 1980s became a recognized family business.

Today, Leclerc perpetuates the company’s core values, which include putting customer service first.

Insurance for the enterprise and the individual: Everything under one roof

With close to 80 employees, Leclerc Insurance is one of the largest brokerage firms in the region and one of the few to have a team of in-house adjusters.

Leclerc offers a wide range of products and services, whether for the individual or for the enterprise, hence its slogan “Everything under one roof”.

Recreational vehicle insurance specialist

Another point that distinguishes Leclerc Insurance is its specialization in recreational vehicle insurance (motorhomes, trailers). In the late 1980s, the company developed a range of insurance products to meet the specific needs of caravaners and seasonal campers. In fact, there were no products for these types of vehicles; Leclerc is therefore the pioneer in the field.

In addition to its role as a damage insurance broker, Leclerc is also a distributor of recreational and leisure vehicles, antique cars and Mexico insurance products to a network of more than 800 broker partners across Quebec.

Unbeatable service

No matter what product or service is sold, consumers all want the same experience: availability and responsiveness. Leclerc’s goal is to incorporate these qualities into the technology to achieve exceptional customer service. This is the mission that Leclerc Insurance is currently undertaking.

Our financial ties and insurers

Aviva is the main insurer we mainly do business with and with whom we have financial ties. Among our other insurers, we have AIG, Economical Insurance, Echelon General Insurance Company, Estrie Richelieu Group, Mutuelle d’assurance agricole, HSB BI&I, L’Unique General Insurance, La Souveraine General Insurance Company, Northbridge Insurance, Optimum, PAFCO, Intact Insurance, Travelers Canada, Trisura and Wynyard.