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Alyson’s passion

Cheval Québec, in its last report, had more than 12,000 members, divided into three divisions (sport, leisure and breeding) and in a multitude of disciplines (dressage, jumping, reining, barrel racing, leisure riding , etc.) depending on the type of horseback riding (western or classic). This number obviously does not take into account the many followers who practice this activity without being members of Cheval Québec.

Alyson Moreau, a 13-year old girl from the Drummondville area, is one of those people who developed a strong interest in equestrian sport very early on. Her love for horses began a few years ago while she was taking horseback riding lessons once a week.

What started out as an entertaining activity quickly became a real passion for the teenager who, a year ago, became the owner of a Paint Horse mare, called Lily.

Alyson takes great care of her animal who is in a pension counting about fifty horses. She goes there several times a week and has even volunteered to clean the boxes of horses on weekends. These are long periods of work that begin very early in the morning: “My daughter can spend full days in the stable, even if she has no tasks to perform. She simply does it because being in the presence of horses makes her happy.”, says Richard Moreau.

When she decided to participate in a barrel competition, Alyson realized that she was really in her place. It was, in fact, what she had always dreamed of. So, with a mix of stress and excitement, she entered the track with her mare last May 6, thinking: “Now it’s happening! “

Lily and her had spent the whole winter preparing for it, and it was an indescribable feeling to be able to put into practice everything they had learned. On her return from the third barrel, Alyson mentions the incredible sense of accomplishment she felt. She was really proud of herself for being able to achieve her little girl’s dream!

Quebec has a few hundred horse breeders and crossbred horses. Cheval Québec promotes breeders registered in its recognition program. To find out who they are,
visit https://cheval.quebec/Trouver-Eleveur-reconnu

We offer the Henry Equestrian Plan (HEP) insurance program to insure, as it should be, your four legged companion and his harness.

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