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Car insurance demystified

True or false – Rental cars are automatically covered by your car insurance policy when it comes to property damage.

False: Rental cars are, in fact, excluded from your basic contract. However, you can add the Q.E.F. 27 endorsement that will cover the property damage to the rental vehicle. However, you must rent a passenger vehicle whose value does not exceed the limit of the endorsement

If you are considering making use of rental vehicles in Canada or the United States, adding this endorsement is interesting because it is relatively inexpensive compared to buying insurance from the rental company .

True or false – If you have a car accident and decide to settle the costs privately, your car insurance premium will not be affected.

False: Although settling things off the books can be very tempting, drivers with a spotty record and who are involved in an accident could see their insurance rates double, and this for many years. You may be penalized by your insurance company even if you do not make a claim.

If the other party involved in the collision filed a claim with his/her insurer, you may still see your premium increase.