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Control fog and frost on your windshield in winter

Control fog and frost on your windshield in winter

Control fog and frost on your windshield in winter

Have you heard the “scraper song”? That wonderful sound we hear many times throughout the winter, often in the morning before work or at the end of the day in the office yard.

Winter often means frozen or fogged windows. Most people fumble with the ventilation and air conditioning system because nobody has time to read one’s owner’s manual.

So, let’s find out what we really need to do from Mr. Jesse Caron, automotive expert, and test coordinator at CAA-Quebec.

Here are the steps to follow:

Turn on the heater (ventilation)

The first thing to do when you have fog or frost on your car windows is to turn on the heater.

Switch to defrost mode

To remove fog, you must activate both the front windshield defrost mode (left image) and the rear window defrost mode (right image).

Control fog and frost on your windshield in winter

The higher the fan intensity (warm or hot air), the faster the defogging will be.

Open a window

In some cases, it is recommended that one or two windows be opened slightly to allow the humidity to exit more quickly.

Distribute the air on the windshield and on the feet

As illustrated below select to direct the air on the windshield and the foot area (point 1).  Avoid air recirculation like the left icon in point 2. Instead, select the mode that brings in air from outside like the right icon.

Use the air conditioner if needed

The air conditioning system is very effective against humidity, so, in most models that have automatic air conditioning, as soon as you select the defogger and/or “windshield and feet” mode, the air conditioning turns on.  An indicator light on top or under the A/C button (for “air conditioning”) should be on.

If you have an « old » manual air conditioning, you will need to adjust the settings yourself.

Keep the interior surface of the windshield clean

Water droplets like to cling to dust, so it is recommended to always clean the interior surface of your windshield.

Keep the snow from your boots outside the car

If you bring into the car snow from your boots, you contribute to increase the humidity in the cabin. Shake them out before getting in.

Also, shake out your carpets regularly since water tends to accumulate.

That being said, safe travels this winter!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  Protégez-Vous