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Does your broker know about the existence of your pet

Does your broker know about the existence of your pet

Does your broker know about the existence of your pet

It probably wouldn’t even occur to you to call your broker to tell them that you have recently become the owner of a beautiful 6-month-old German Shepherd because you maybe think this information is none of their business. And yet…

If your doggie were to cause injury to someone, the insurer would have to pay the costs to defend you as the owner of the animal. But to do this, they must have been made aware that this animal even exists.

Otherwise, you would be solely responsible for paying compensation to the individual who suffered harm.  The law is strict toward animal owners.

If your animal injures someone or causes damage, it does not matter that you weren’t at fault. It is enough that you owned the animal.

You can be held responsible for your animal if these conditions are met:

  • The animal is in your car; for example, when you take it for a walk, bring it to a friend’s house or are in your own home.
  • The animal is in the care of a third party; for example, your neighbour is watching it while you’re away.
  • Your animal is lost or has escaped.

It is for this reason that the presence of an animal in your home may constitute an additional risk to be covered for an insurer who, depending on the type and breed of animal, may refuse the risk.

Dogs are not the only pets that must be declared, exotic animals must also be declared because they are no less dangerous. You might remember an incident in August 2013 in New Brunswick when a python of over 4 meters killed two children aged 4 and 6…

Make sure to talk to your broker about your pets to be properly covered in case the unthinkable happens.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
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