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Une bonne nouvelle pour les propriétaires de voitures anciennes et de collection

Good news for owners of classic and collector cars

If you are passionate about classic, antique or custom cars, you probably know the world leader in insurance, Hagerty.

Established in Canada since 2009, Hagerty has added some new coverages that will certainly appeal to collector car enthusiasts.

The “Cherished Salvage” endorsement

Most exciting among these coverages is the “Cherished Salvage” endorsement which, in the case of a claim where the vehicle is a total loss, will allow you to recover the vehicle at no cost, while at the same time obtaining, for the said vehicle, the value agreed in advance indicated in the contract.

An example? Your vehicle is worth $50,000 and it incurs losses amounted $48,000?  You will be compensated for $50,000 and have the right to recover what is left of your vehicle and dispose of it as you wish. This could allow you, for example, to rebuild or have spare parts for another project.

We know how important these precious cars are to you and there is more to it than its intrinsic value; that’s why we want to offer this protection to help the car you love and cherish live on.

Call us today at 1 800 567-0927 to add “Cherished Salvage” coverage to your policy.  As the affiliated broker at Hagerty in Quebec, we can help.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services