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Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage that perfectly meets the needs of motorcycle drivers

Whether it’s a standard model, touring, cruiser, sport, Harley-Davidson or antique, we have the right product for you.


  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Assistance (health, legal and travel planning)
  • No deductible to pay in case of a total loss following a loss or a hit and run.
  • Allows the rental of a vehicle following a covered loss.

Insurance (highlights)

  • Personal effects endorsement : Covers clothing and accessories intended for driving the leisure vehicle specified in the contract, which must be replaced or repaired following a covered loss other than theft. No deductible applicable. Claim settlement is on a replacement cost basis. Maximum amount of $2,500 per claim.
  • Waiver of depreciation for 5 years offered in option on most models
  • No surcharge applicable up to 180 days outside Québec

Harley-Davidson motorcycle

  • Change to deductibles in case of a total loss including theft
  • No charge coverage for chrome / accessories / customization for an amount of $6,000 the first year (indexed at $1,000 the next years until $9,000 max.)
  • Genuine Harley-Davidson replacement parts (Certain conditions apply.)

Antique motorcycle

  • Original motorcycles 25 years and older
  • A professional valuation of less than 2 years must be provided.
  • Total loss / agreed value included at no charge for antique motorcycles riding less than 5,000 km a year

Did you know that…


Combine your insurance

By combining your motorcycle, car and home insurance, not only you can get up to 25% off, but you can also – if applicable – benefit from the deductible in the event of a claim involving more than one contract. Make life easier by negotiating with a single broker for everything related to your insurance.