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It’s happened to me before – RV mistakes to avoid

It’s happened to me before – RV mistakes to avoid

It’s happened to me before – RV mistakes to avoid

Even the most experienced RVers can make mistakes.

In fact, very often, it is precisely because we have several years of experience that we function on autopilot and that’s when most mistakes, big and small, tend to occur.

In an RV, both over-confidence and lack of confidence can be the cause of embarrassing or, even sometimes, dramatic incidents.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • Leaving the campsite with an extension open or a stabilizer leg out
  • Hitting the road and forgetting to close the roof ventilator covers or the windows and driving through a horrible rainstorm.
  • Driving with garbage bins still on the front or the back of the vehicle
  • Forgetting to turn the propane back on, with the result that you had to throw out some food from the fridge
  • Go boondocking with an empty fresh water tank
  • Neglecting to secure items inside the RV and realizing your mistake at the first big bump
  • Delighting at finding the perfect “spot” only to realize, a few hours later, that the RV is infested with ants
  • Noticing, after a heavy rain, that a huge water balloon has formed in the awning
  • Realizing that while you brought everything for a great feast in a remote campsite except… a can opener or a wine bottle opener
  • Forgetting to close the valves after draining the black water tank or incorrectly installing the pipes
  • Leaving the campground with the electricity still plugged in
  • Misjudging the width or height of the RV
  • Using diesel instead of unleaded or vice versa
  • Forgetting to install wheel chocks and misjudging the slope
  • Feeling your RV suddenly change lanes or flip over on its side due to a gust of wind
  • A flat tire caused by overheated tires
  • Stepping away “a few moments” during the filling of the water tanks and to forgetting to come back to check on the water levels
  • Improperly installing the pins of the trailer hitch
  • Mixing up your left and your right while giving instructions to the driver who is backing up
  • Breaking your axles because you have overloaded the RV
  • Sudden maneuvers that make you lose control of the RV
  • Getting back from a walk to find that the wind has torn the awning
  • Clogging a toilet
  • Having a door fly open on the road because you did not check that it was properly closed
  • Leaving the valve of the gray water tank closed and to realizing it during your shower as you see water coming up through the drain

Have you experienced other types of mistakes? Write to us at marketing@leclercassurances.com to share them and thus other caravanners and campers avoid making the same mistakes.

In the meantime, download our French essential tools :  guide du nouvel adepte de VR and aide-mémoire VR!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services