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Mésaventures de nomades

Mishaps as nomads

We are the Doyle-Désy, a family who decided to leave everything to live on the road. Since June 2016, we have been living and discovering the world aboard our house on wheels.

Although living on the road is a great source of adventure, great discoveries and unforgettable encounters, it remains difficult to think of everything and we sometimes end up going through events that can put us through a great deal of stress.

Here are some real cases. Nothing serious and we laugh about it now, but in the moment, we would have preferred to avoid them.

A fruit explosion

As beginners on the road, we made the mistakes common to most new RV drivers. Open cupboard or refrigerator doors, it happens to everyone, doesn’t it? But we win the prize with a watermelon, round and ripe, forgotten on the counter when heading off on the road.

A few minutes were enough to prove that this fruit can literally explode when it falls to the ground.

Surprised by the tide

In Texas, it is common to ride on the beach and even spend the night. Interested in the experience, we took care to check the tides and to visit the beach at high tide so we could make sure we knew where we could park and check the hardness of the sand.

The first night went smoothly, but it was at the first light of the second morning that we were surprised to see waves licking our tires. As fast as possible, not without a scare or two, we managed to leave the beach; thankfully, without getting bogged down. Phew!

Stuck on a road

Although our RV is considered a small format, some roads are impassible and it is often on the spot that we have to face it.  It was the case on a secondary road in Mexico. It was traversed by V-shaped hollows used to evacuate water. Impossible for us to circulate without the rear of the vehicle rubbing on the ground!

We were helped by a crowd of Mexicans, each one giving their opinion on how to get unstuck.  Finally, a good Samaritan got on his bike and took us to another road leading to our destination.

A split pipe

Our most unpleasant mishap is with the gray and black water holding tanks. They were extra full, so we had to find a campsite offering facilities to do the draining.

As soon as the operation has started, I heard my husband swearing. (Which is very rare …) The reason was that the pipe had cracked, and all the contents of the black water tank had spilled on the ground.

This operation, which normally takes a few minutes, turned into a rather awkward cleaning.

Motorized life is a lifelong learning. We can do everything in our power to limit the unexpected, there will inevitably be destabilizing moments. We must be willing to accept them; the challenge is to keep smiling so that we can laugh about it afterwards.

The Doyle-Désy,
nomadic ambassadors for Leclerc

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