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Moving? Practical tips

Moving is never really fun. However, the practical tips provided here will help you see things more clearly.


First of all, consider your move as a golden opportunity to sort through your possessions in order to sell or give away what no longer serves you.


Use professional movers who have the necessary arms and equipment to prevent anyone from getting hurt or damage to equipment.

Plus, avoid the stress and frustration of seeing your family or friends cancel at the last minute.


Indicate, on each box, its contents and in which room it will go, on the top, but also on the side. So if you stack the boxes, you won’t have to move them to find out what’s in it.


Why not put the heaviest items in suitcases on wheels to make the moving easier.


Take a picture of the back of the devices, so you can reconnect everything quickly and easily.

Same thing if you disassemble furniture (a bed, for example). Take a picture of how everything was put together. What seems obvious to us at the time can turn out to be more complicated a few days later.


Make handles to your boxes by cutting inverted triangles on each side.


Use an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll to tuck the wires into and prevent them from getting tangled.


Why not leave the clothes on hangers and cover them with a large garbage bag, for example.


No need to empty the drawers, unless what is there is likely to blow away. You could even roll the clothes up to fit in more of it.

TIP 10

Place the plates upright. Use towels and clothes to prevent dishes from being broken during transport.

TIP 11

Make a box specifically for things you’ll need quickly when you get to the new address.

TIP 12

Don’t wait until the last minute to change your address. Make a list. Here is an example :

  • Notify Canada Post
  • Visit Quebec’s change of address website to notify six government departments and agencies in one go
  • Hydro-Québec
  • Internet
  • Cellular
  • Licence, registrations
  • Insurance
  • Banking institutions
  • Heating oil
  • Magazine or other subscriptions
  • Universities
  • Associations

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  Hydro-Québec, CAA Québec