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VR – L’hiver, c’est direction Mexique

RV – Heading Mexico in the winter

We are the Doyle-Désy, a family who decided to leave everything to live on the road. Since June 2016, we have been living and discovering the world aboard our house on wheels.

One year, we tried Florida in the winter for three weeks. Too busy, difficult to travel without reservations. Not our style.

The next winter, we’ve chosen South Texas, the time for a family reunion. At one point, we had to take out our tuques and mittens… No question of freezing; so we’ve decided to head South!

Now, in our opinion, winter has to be spent in Mexico. Here are the reasons why:


We appreciate the warmth and we love to swim. No question of shivering on the beach or frowning when it comes time to put the toe in the water. It must be hot, both in the pool and at sea.

In Mexico, especially on the West coast, no need to worry about the weather forecast.  Sunshine and low rainfall possibilities provide a stable, pleasant temperature which allows us to play in water for a long time without shivering.

The cost of living

Unless we stick to stay in busy international tourist destinations, living in Mexico can be very affordable. Our basic rules: Live like locals, eat like locals and spend time in places where locals meet. This will ensure us a typical and friendly experience, while allowing us to practice your Spanish.

The diversity

Mexico means a lot of beaches and some, very pleasant, but there is more to discover: Beautiful cities with colonial architecture where it is good to wander aimlessly, archaeological sites full of stories to discover, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, desert. There is even a huge canyon as big as its northern neighbour, not to mention the “cenotes”, underground spaces to be explored by swimming.

The food

The belief is that Mexican food is spicy. It’s possible, but most of the time the hot sauce is on the table, to add according to our tolerance. The dishes are tasty and very fresh.

We love tacos, dishes made of corn tortillas filled with meat, fish or seafood, accompanied by condiments such as coriander, salsa, legumes and onions.

Be careful, do not rely on a Mexican to tell you if a dish is spicy; they have a very high tolerance for spiciness!

When we dare to try the Mexican adventure, we live a change of scenery and it gets us out of our comfort zone. An adaptation is necessary, but there is a reward at the end.

Here are some suggestions : We have to take the time to learn a few words in Spanish, to adopt the slower pace of the Mexicans, and to make the effort of connecting with them.

All this, in order to live a very rewarding experience, filled with kindness and generosity.

The Doyle-Désy,
nomadic ambassadors for Leclerc

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