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Il est où le bonheur en VR?

RV life: Where can I find happiness?

Il est où le bonheur en VR?

Why do we become a caravaner or a seasonal camper

What is it that makes us decide one day to buy an RV and hit the road or settle permanently on a campground?

What are the reasons that motivate us to spend this money, which can be quite important for some people?

Are we looking for new sources of happiness? What exactly are they?

Happiness lies in the outdoors

To spend as much time as possible outdoors is, without a doubt, the number one reason why most people decide one day to become a caravaner or a seasonal camper.

Happiness lies in autonomy

All types of holidays have their appeal, but camping and caravanning are probably the only ones that provide so much autonomy.

Being master and king aboard one’s RV, whether on the road or on a campground, is very interesting. Not to mention all the savings compared to sleeping in hotels and eating in restaurants.

Happiness lies in flexibility

For nomads, as an example, being able to organize their own schedule, while escaping the constraints of a more sedentary life, is worth its weight in gold.

Happiness lies in gatherings

Being in a holiday mindset – whether you spend the weekend camping or driving for a few days – makes RV enthusiasts more open to interacting and connecting with people in their community, and contributes in interesting meetings.

Happiness lies in the simple pleasures of life

  • Camping and caravanning is a return to everything we do not notice anymore because life goes too fast.
  • It’s savoring our first morning coffee as we watch the birds feed around the remains of last night’s campfire.
  • It is to smell the odors of our outdoor cooking.
  • It’s taking the time to admire a sunset.

Happiness lies in freedom and adventure

Owning an RV allows us to finally be able to explore all these wonderful places that are appealing to us. That we stay there one day, one week, one month, one year.

It is welcoming the unexpected and embracing the extraordinary.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services