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Beginner RV mistakes

RVer mistakes

Beginner RV mistakes

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced RVer, everyone can make mistakes. In fact, it’s even easier to make a mistake when you are experienced because sometimes you get a little too sure of yourself.

When things are done automatically, we can make mistakes because we are not certain anymore whether we have done them or not. Hence the importance of a checklist – whether you are a beginner or an experienced RVer, make a list and refer to it regularly.

Here are some examples of common mistakes or oversights that REALLY happened to RVers:

A pin not secured

You are about to perform the delicate operation of attaching your car behind your motorhome and a neighbor comes to help you.

While you install the rod on the left drawbar and connect the cables, he installs the right pin.

Some 100 km further on, on a slightly bumpier road, you notice in your right mirror that your car is moving sideways, as if it is going to overtake you… You then realize that the neighbor, as helpful as he may have been, has not installed the device correctly.

THE BEST ADVICE WE CAN GIVE YOU HERE is to always proceed to a final check yourself before you go and, especially if you’ve had help.

Water is a serious matter

The faucet of your caravan seems to have problems flowing normally and you turn it on while you are trying to understand what is going on. In the meantime, some friends show up and you decide to go on an excursion with them.

When you return, opening the door, a waterfall escapes from the trailer… In fact, what was blocking the faucet, which had remained open, suddenly moved and the plug, left in the bottom of the sink, caused the overflow.

THE BEST ADVICE WE CAN GIVE YOU HERE is to turn off the water when you leave for several hours and, most importantly, if there is a problem there.

Watch your step

It’s dark and you decide to go get the forgotten comforter on your folding chair because you suspect it’s going to rain. In order not to attract butterflies or disturb the neighbors, you choose not to turn on the lights.

Since the staircase is set so that the steps unfold when the door opens, you confidently reach for the first step when suddenly you find yourself on the grass, with a good scare and a few bruises.

Yes, the system that allows the steps to retract decided to malfunction just when you were in the dark!

THE BEST ADVICE WE CAN GIVE YOU HERE is to never take for granted that everything will always work perfectly. It is best to be always vigilant and cautious.

Never trust Mother Nature

You quickly leave the campground to head to another destination a few hours away.

During the trip, the wind picks up and a thunderstorm breaks. In the middle of highway traffic, you notice your mistake: You forgot to close the windows and the dome.

THE BEST ADVICE WE CAN GIVE YOU HERE is to remember that Mother Nature is very unstable sometimes.

Whether on the move or comfortably installed on a camping site, it is very common for a beautiful blue sky to quickly become covered with large black clouds and for strong wind to pick up. Awnings know something about it!

Don’t take any chances; planning ahead saves a lot of headaches!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services