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RVing mishaps (tire blowouts)

RVing mishaps (tire blowouts)

Tire explosions are an important cause of RV claims. Tires usually blow out as a result of an overloaded RV, improper inflation or excessively worn tread.

Follow these simple tire safety tips:

  • Check your tire pressure monthly, and before starting any trip. It is best to check the air pressure when tires are cold.


  • Don’t let air out of a hot tire because it may be underinflated when the tire cools.


  • Level your RV and put the wheels on chocks wheels whenever the RV will be parked for a couple of days or longer.


  • If a tire is punctured, have it dismounted and professionally repaired from the inside.


  • Don’t use petroleum or alcohol-based tire products since these can accelerate tire wear.


  • Replace any tire that is over seven years old, even if it looks new.


  • Help prevent ozone and UV damage to your tires by washing them regularly with mild soap and water and scrubbing them with a soft brush. Also, be sure to keep your tires covered when your RV is off the road.


  • Know the weight of your RV (when loaded) and make sure you have the right type of tire for your RV.


Remember, it is recommended to replace the tires every 5 to 7 years regardless of mileage or outward appearance.