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What if we extended the camping season?

What if we extended the camping season?

What if we extended the camping season?

Everyone looks forward to seeing the magnificent fall foliage colors. This is probably why many RVers extend their camping season beyond the traditional summer days by finding campgrounds and national parks that allow them to enjoy nature long after Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

Of course, this kind of activity takes a little more planning since if the days are cool yet comfortable, the nights often hover around zero Celsius.  Having the appropriate clothing and adequate heating become essential to ensure your comfort.

But when you are well equipped, it is really a great experience … with your partner or with the children.  After all, we are fortunate to live in a province where the scenery is breathtaking, so why not enjoy it before the trees completely shed their leaves?

Campgrounds open year round

Did you know that some Camping Quebec member campgrounds are open year-round? There are 49 in total.  We invite you to consult the list on the organization’s Website by using the “open year-round” filter in the search field.

Also take advantage of special offers for bookings until October 18. Consult the list of participating campgrounds.

Destination: Sepaq national parks

Here are some other suggestions for extending your camping season until Thanksgiving:


Discover the large Choinière Reservoir in the Yamaska ​​National Park where there is a large choice of locations for your escapade.


Take advantage of prime locations in the Lac-Stukely sector.


Several magnificent, wooded pitches located at Alluvions and Bétulaie campsites are available.


Near Québec city, Frontenac National Park campsites remain a well-kept secret.


Until October 14, it is possible to camp on site in all areas.  Reservations for these parks are made online.

Why not ready-to-camp

If you are already winterizing your RV, know that the ready-to-camp option is just as great. In fact, this is another way to experience camping.  In addition, this activity is available until the end of October in some parks and for winter-lovers, some are even available year-round.

Visit the Sepaq Website for more information.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Sources :  Camping Québec  Sepaq