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Quand la saison de camping est menacée

When the camping season is threatened

Insurance is one of those expenses that always feels like one pays it for life without ever really getting any value back. However, when one experiences a claim, being well insured becomes more than evident; believe me!

We are a couple of caravaners from Gatineau. Last May, when “de-winterizing” our motorhome, an electrical outlet did not work, resulting in a minor fire that damaged several components despite our immediate intervention to limit the problems by switching off the master switches and using our fire extinguisher (an essential prevention tool to have in your RV).


When I got in touch with Leclerc, I was in a rather negative state of mind, thinking about our camping season.

To my surprise, I was immediately impressed with the speed and efficiency to repair all the damage. After contacting Accès VR Blainville, who are real experts, they identified the cause, repaired and / or replaced everything that needed to be repaired, with the exception of the dishwasher.

Once again, the person in charge of my claim found a place that could repair it and the technicians came directly to our home.

At the very end, I brought the motorhome at Service Sinistre Outaouais for a complete cleaning.


In total, this mishap has cost close to $8,000 in claims; an amount that no one would like to pay with their own money, right?

The checks were issued in my name and the names of the three businesses involved. Eveything was settled within 3 weeks.

For us, the prompt, courteous and committed service we received from the person in charge of our file at Leclerc has made us realize how important it is to be insured with an insurance company that is specialized in the field.

Following the thanks sent to the claims department manager, I have been invited to write this small word of appreciation.

Congratulations to Leclerc Insurance!