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When the wasps give us a hard time

When the wasps give us a hard time

When the wasps give us a hard time

Although we would all like to be able to live in perfect harmony with the insects and small animals that share our backyards, sometimes their number and their nature lead us to want to find solutions to keep them away or, in the worst case, to exterminate them.

Here is some useful information to help you handle the inevitable presence of wasps in the summer:

With their black and yellow stripes, wasps are rather easy to identify, but it is above all their aggressive behavior that signals that we are facing… a wasp. They can attack and sting more than once if they feel attacked and their bites can cause severe allergic reactions.

They are attracted to sugar and animal protein to eat and to feed the larvae that stay with the queen. This means they like to eat at the same time as us. Big deal!

A suggestion to limit their interaction with our own dinner is to, fifteen minutes before the start of our meal, place a plate filled with fruit or even chicken bones at a good distance from your table. This way, they will be busy enjoying their feast and leaving you alone during yours.

Wasp nests are usually found in the ground, cedar hedges, air vents or under the siding of houses. They can also found hanging from a soffit, a weep hole, a tree branch or a cornice.

Know that wasps build a new nest every year. So if you fear that they have taken up residence with you for life, that is not likely to happen.

As they are pollinators, it is best to avoid killing them, if possible. Especially since a failed attempt can really get you in trouble!

However, in the event that the situation becomes problematic, of course, there are always the insecticides found in hardware stores and which are designed to eliminate the nest. Here, caution is required because you don’t want to arouse the wrath of the colony!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
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