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A method for a successful spring cleaning

A method for a successful spring cleaning

A method for a successful spring cleaning

If the word “cleaning” never puts anyone in a good mood, talking about spring makes everyone’s heart jump for joy. Yes, we are almost there!

Spring, like autumn, is a season of transition that allows you to be well prepared for the arrival of summer.  One of the most famous tasks that must be accomplished before the sunny days arrive:  spring cleaning.

Our grandparents were diligent, as were our parents, and that’s understandable because otherwise how do you find the courage to accomplish all the chores most people love to avoid and out off for another day?

Steps for a successful spring cleaning

If you want to get through your spring cleaning while staying motivated, you need a method that breaks up the tasks into smaller bites so as not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer extent of the work. Trust me, at the end you’ll be proud of what you accomplished.

Here is a list of points to make the process easier:

Make a list of the tasks to be accomplished, going by priority and by room.

Do not forget the garage or the shed.

It’s better to set small goals and achieve them than to want to overdo it and give up along the way. That’s why, it’s realistic to tackle one or two rooms a week. In a month, you will probably have checked off all the items on your list.  You could then concentrate on the other chores outside the house that also need to be prioritized before the arrival of summer.

Buy all the products and items you need before starting the housework. 

This will avoid wasting your time, focus and motivation by going shopping the day you finally decide to do it.

It is also valuable to mention that working with the right products makes the job that much easier.

Sort through or better organize all those things that accumulate year after year.

Nowadays it’s super easy to quickly give away or sell anything that doesn’t really serve us; why not enjoy it!

Cluttered rooms should no longer exist once the spring cleaning is done.

Dust, vacuum, wash and wax surfaces if necessary.

This means that, yes, you have to move the furniture that is not used to being moved during a regular cleaning.

  • Walls, cabinets, baseboards, floors and windows, not to mention wardrobes.
  • Carpets, fans, lights
  • Mattress rotation
  • Oven, fridge, freezer, range hood

If you begin your spring cleaning by giving yourself a structure and, in addition, you add a little touch of entertainment by listening to your favorite music and reward yourself with treats such as coffee and cookies or a glass of wine and cheese, it will appear to you more as a productive activity than a boring task.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services