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Reinventing winter

Reinventing winter

Reinventing winter

As we get older, we seem to enjoy winter much less than when we were children. In fact, many of us now escape winter every year.

Today, Orbit invites you to reinvent winter. To see it differently, but, above all, to experience it differently.

Here are some suggestions for activities that will help you rediscover the child in you, and that will also help brighten the day for the youngest amongst you.

Don’t be afraid to inspire them! To show them that a good snowball fight is worth all the video games in the world! We all need these simple pleasures, far from screens… but close to the ones we cherish.

Take out your skates and be creative

Of course, going skating at the neighborhood rink is good for body and mind, but why not try skating paths that are set up on trails in the forest?

There are many such places within a reasonable distance. Otherwise, make it a big outing: go skating in the afternoon, then book a small inn for dinner and the night.

Take out your snowshoes

If you have never dared to try snowshoeing, this year is, without a doubt, the time to do so. Snowshoeing is easy, simple and safe. The only risk is to ultimately discover that you have missed out on a very interesting activity all these years!

Note that it is possible to rent snowshoes. It’s worth it!

Take out a snow bike

Oh, it’s the big bike enthusiasts who must be happy! Cycling all year round; the dream! There are more and more trails to accommodate “fatbike” enthusiasts. A quick Google search and you’ll find places that rent out these bikes.

Dare to try winter camping

It may seem surreal, but, yes, there are brave people who dare to winter camp… in a tent or cabin since there are more and more campgrounds that are open all year round. You can also take advantage of the rental of ready-to-camp or small chalets. (For Quebec :  See Camping Québec’s page on winter camping.)

What a joy to be around a fire with family, telling each other lots of stories! The crisp winter air and the silence of the forest… Isn’t that inspiring?

All you need are good clothes (worn in layers) and hot drinks.

Dare to try alpine sledding

If you are somewhat of a thrill seeker, this is the activity for you. Some centers even offer a night experience!

Let’s hope this list helps you enjoy the winter season to the fullest!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services