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Bon à savoir pour un déménagement réussi

Good to know to make your moving a success

Bon à savoir pour un déménagement réussi

Moving is often a pain, even when we know we are moving for better and are excited about the new place. To tell the truth, leaving X address for Y address, is never as simple as we think.

The real problem is that we often neglect to do certain things that, in the end, save a lot of time and hassle.  Examples:

Change of address ahead of time

  • Accountant or notary
  • Cable, telephone, Internet
  • Canada Post
  • Canada Revenue
  • Credit cards
  • Dealer or automotive manufacturer (especially to be informed in case of recall)
  • Dentist
  • Driver’s license
  • Electricity, gas or fuel oil (Hydro-Québec, Énergir, etc.)
  • Employer
  • Federations or corporations of which we are a member
  • Financial institutions
  • Home, auto insurance, etc.
  • Hospital, doctor and medical clinic (hospital card, file follow-up, etc.)
  • Loyalty cards and store cards (Air Miles, Aeroplan, Costco, CAA, etc.)
  • Municipality (municipal taxes)
  • Newspaper / magazine subscriptions
  • Online delivery services (Amazon, eBay, etc.)
  • Pharmacy
  • Professional association or professional order
  • Régie de l’assurance-maladie
  • Revenu Quebec
  • School taxes
  • Schools (school, CÉGEP, university, etc.)

Visit Service québécois de changement d’adresse to make a change of address for six organisations in one request.

Arrange connection and disconnection of utilities

It is important to contact suppliers such as Hydro-Québec, Cogeco and other companies to arrange disconnection of utilities and connection to the new address. Leased devices must also be returned.

Purchase insurance for the new apartment or home

If our lease ends on June 30, it is important to remain insured until that date and, most importantly, to remember to get a new insurance for our next home.

Organize a garage sale

Most people accumulate a lot of useless and cumbersome things over the years.

In fact, if an object is not used at least once a year, should it really come with us to the new address? This is how we should make the decision to keep or not an item.

Here’s a little advice: Make sure you get a full commitment from people who say they are interested in buying your items or interested in picking them up as a donation.  It is common to see these same people call and cancel on the same day they were supposed to take possession of the item.

Use boxes of the right size and identify them

The heavier the objects, the smaller the boxes must be, as it must remain easily handled to avoid any risk of injury.

Sorting by room and clearly identifying each box is another way to save headaches at unpacking time.

Use professionals

Friends are good, but professionals are better. If having to take care of our own moving is kind of depressing, imagine how uninteresting it is when one has to move your friend.

Sometimes we do not have much choice,  either because movers are unavailable or simply a question of budget.  However, if it is possible, moving will always be easier to manage if it is taken care of by people whose job it is to move. Especially if we move into a third floor on a very narrow and busy street on the first of July!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services